3 Benefits Of Oil Pulling


Oil pulling is an old Ayurvedic practice, in which you swirl around oil in your mouth and between your teeth first thing in the morning before cleaning your them. It is said to have a lot of benefits for your health, here are 3 of them. 

1. Detox

Oil pulling will get rid of those nasty bacterias that have been gathering in your mouth over night. You know that feeling you have in your mouth after a heavy night of drinking? The one where you feel as though your furry tongue is stuck onto your gums? I know we've all been there, and no, we don't want to think about it, but that is actually an extreme version of what gathers in your mouth every night. The body recovers and gets rid of toxins and one way of doing that is through your saliva. So by oil pulling first thing in the morning, you will detox your system.

2. Boost Immune System

Our immune system is responsible for fighting off disease-causing agents and germs. With oil pulling we support our body in getting rid of existing germs in our system so it can concentrate on getting rid of the other bad boys. 

3. Whitens Teeth And Keeps Skin Clear

A very positive side effect to the above benefits, is that by oil pulling you will also whiten your teeth and brighten your skin. By swishing the oil between your teeth it pulls away colorations, gradually leaving your teeth look whiter and whiter. And not only that, but also your skin will thank you by looking bright an clear. Toxins also get visible on your skin because that is an other natural way of the body to get rid of them. By oil pulling there is less of those toxins to transpire through your skin. Marvelous!

How To Oil Pull

So how do I do this oil pulling then, you may ask yourself. It is quite simple and will just require some of your time and a good quality oil. Take about a tablespoon of oil, most people prefer coconut oil because of the taste, but you can use other oils too, like olive oil or how it's traditionally did with sesame oil. If you not used to oil in your mouth or don't feel comfortable, start with just a teaspoon to get used to the feeling. 

Then swirl the oil around in your mouth, from one side to the other, between your teeth, just like you would do with a mouthwash. Make sure you do this for a minimum of 5 minutes working up to 20 minutes as your goal. You can save time in the morning by oil pulling while your are getting ready for the day, while having a shower, doing your hair or preparing breakfast. Just do it first thing in the morning, before drinking water, so the toxins don't get flushed back into your body.

After this, spit the oil in the bin (especially when oil pulling with coconut oil cause this can cause clogging in the drain when getting cold and solid again) and brush and floss your teeth as usual. Voil√†, that's all it needs. 

Let me know if you oil pull or not and why? Is there any of these or other benefits you have noticed?


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