How to Stay Motivated to Work Out


We all know for a perfect body we better be working out regularly. But with work, school, social activities, family and friends, it's not always easy to find time and stay motivated to work out. These tips should make it a bit easier for you.

Find something you love doing

There are so many different ways to move our bodies, so find something you really enjoy doing. Something that even when you have little time, you will still want to go and do it. Maybe you're dreading the gym, no running or climbing instead. Or you can't stand running, how about a dance class or a boxing course then? 

Plan it like a date

We set appointments for dates or other special occasions, so why not do it for your workout? Plan 3 dates a week on which you want to work out and make a calendar entry.

Make a plan

Create your own workout routine. Don't just go to the gym and see how it goes. Set a plan to do 30 minutes cardio or a 30 minute abs routine.

Set a goal and track your progress

Once you got your plan, also note what your goals are, what are you working out for? It doesn't have to be loosing weight, maybe you want to define your booty or be able to do a handstand or just feel more energetic in general. Keep that in mind and track your progress.

Partner up with friends

It's always easier to work out with a buddy or two. If you have friends that like doing the same kind of work out, why not do it together? Its much more fun and it will give you more motivation to go and train than putting it off.

What are your tips on staying motivated to work out? Let me know in the comments below. 

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