5 Easy and Healthy Snacks


1. Greek Yogurt with Fruits

Greek Yogurt offers protein and fats that keep you full for longer. If you are lactose-intolerant, opt for a lactose-free one. But make sure you get the full-fat version, cause the zero-fat version will make you hungry (or in my case hangry) sooner and usually has some other substitution to make it taste better like sugar, which you will want to avoid as far as possible. Add some fruits to give it some flavour, I prefer berries or half a banana for this.

2.  Chia Pudding

I have shared some chia pudding recipes in this post, which you can check out. This is a great treat you can prepare the day before, just fill it in a mason jar, pop it in the fridge and take it with you the next day. Especially when making it with coconut milk, you will not only have the healthy proteins but also the healthy fats making you full for longer. Of course you can also top it with fruits or some granola.

3. Green Smoothie

This is easy to make in the morning and a snack you can drink until lunch or in the afternoon. Do make sure that you put enough greens and not too many fruits in your smoothie, otherwise you will just have a heavy load of sugars, instead of healthy greens in your smoothie. Also make it yourself or check the label on your store bought smoothie, cause most of the time you will find that there actually isn't that much green stuff in your smoothie, instead you will find that most of it is made up of apple juice or some kind of other sweet juice, instead of containing the actual greens like spinach or kale. 

4. Apple with Almond or Peanut Butter

This is a classic. All you will need to take with you is a little container where you can fill the almond or peanut butter in and then you can start dipping the apple slices directly in there. The apple will give you sweetness and nutrients, while the almond or peanut butter will give you flavour and healthy fats. Easy and quick. 

5. Rice Cracker with Turkey Breast and Cottage Cheese

If your looking for a protein booster and already had enough veggies, try this. The base of rice cracker will give you some carbs while the turkey breast and cottage cheese give you some extra protein and moisture. If you can, top it with some slices of cucumber or tomato for the veggie extra.

Do you have any healthy snacks you like to have throughout the day? Let me know in the comments below.

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