3 Tips On Starting Your Yoga Practice At Home


As a beginner of yoga it can sometimes be challenging finding a yoga practice that works at home and lets us stick to it. Hopefully with this 3 tips it will be a bit easier for you.

Find the best time for you

Do you like doing yoga in the morning to start your day with clear intentions and a positive mindset or do you rather need yoga in the evenings to unwind and release stress before going to bed? What ever works best for you, pick that time.

Prepare a yoga sequence

While a guided yoga class gives you the comfort of not thinking about your next move and following the postures shown, doing yoga by yourself requires you to have a sequence or at least some of your favorite yoga poses in your head. If you struggle with knowing which yoga pose to do next, start by preparing a sequence. Practicing a sun salutation for instance can be a good start. And continue to implement other poses you love doing, try to feel what your body needs.


This might seem like a useless tip, but breathing is really a key element to your practice. You should always start and end your yoga practice with deep and intentional breathing. It's what keeps our blood filled with oxygen and reaching every tip of our bodies. It's what releases toxins out of our system, so with every exhale you are cleaning your body. Deep breathing also acts as a little meditation giving you more calmness.

What do you find helpful for your yoga practice at home? Let me know in the comments below. 


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