Best Christmas Presents for Health Nuts


Coming closer to Christmas there is always that question on which presents to give to your loved ones. Maybe this inspiration of items can give you an idea what to buy this Christmas.


1. Yoga Mat

I've recently ordered this beautiful yoga mat online from La Vie Boheme Yoga, the fact that it's named Fiji even makes it nicer in my eyes. This mat has a great grip, good size and is light weight at the same time.


2. Water Bottle

I love this water bottles from bkr. I have two of them, but I always have to hold myself not to order a few more. You'll always find new designs and I love the ones with the big hearts on them. The cool thing about this bottles, is that they are very environment-friendly made of glas and a protective silicone cover. If you know someone who dislikes the taste of plastic bottles, this bkr bottles are the answer.



3. Healthy Cooking Book

There are so many cool and yummy cooking books out there. I love the fact, that there are more and more various approaches to healthy eating habits. I picked some of my favourites down below:

Deliciously Ella - Awesome ingredients, incredible food that you and your body will love

The Healthy Life - Jessica Sepel

Honestly Healthy - Natasha Corrett

Crazy Sexy Diet - Kris Carr


4. Blackroll

A Blackroll or other foam roller will help muscles recover quicker after workout. It improves blood flow and the range of motion. So this is a perfect present for those always working out or those complaining about muscle aches.


5. Vitamix

Every health nut I know likes to make and drink smoothies. So investing in a good blender is never wrong. I love this one from Vitamix, their blenders are on the more pricey side but they make blending an ease, even with frozen fruits or ice cubes. 


Have you already got all of your Christmas presents or do you have some good suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.