How To Avoid A Cold

When getting close to winter with its cold temperatures, dull weather and lack of sunshine, catching a cold is often not that far away. If this time, you want to be prepared to fight off those mean bacterias and germs, here are some actions on how to do it. 


Hot Lemon Water with Ginger

Yes, yes, here come the lemons again...but starting your morning with a cup of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and ginger slices not only boosts your metabolism but also your immune system. It is actually less the vitamin C of the lemons, because lets face it, there are other foods with a lot more vitamin C in them (like bell peppers,  broccoli, sea buckthorn or rose hip), but the alkalising properties and the added ginger that help your immune system. Try using fresh lemons and fresh ginger for this, cause they have the most benefits.


Next to a healthy, balanced diet try to incorporate some probiotic supplements. This might sound strange, because probiotics are only known to strengthen your gut. But exactly that is what helps your body fight off germs, because a big part that is responsible for your immune system is in your gut. If it is off balance, so is often your immune system. If you don't like taking supplements, try incorporating miso soup or sauerkraut to your diet. 

Vitamin D

Apart from being a mood booster by increasing our serotonin levels, vitamin D has also shown to help against catching a cold. During the winter months our bodies lack sunshine, which lets us produce less vitamin D by ourselves. And there is only a little amount of vitamin D we can get through food. So taking a supplement is inevitable. I personally have liquid vitamin D that I add to my water every morning. 


In favor of your body to regenerate, it is important to get enough rest and enough sleep. We usually feel weakened  and sluggish after a short night, so continually not getting enough sleep has the same effect. Now every person is different on how many hours of sleep they need, but many health coaches suggest getting around 8 hours of sleep. Try getting to this 8 hours and keep up with it for at least 2 weeks to find out if it works for you or if you need more or less.


Get yourself outdoors. Put on the right amount of clothes and get moving. The fresh air and activeness will boost your immune system. This can be anything from a brisk walk to a longer run, but don't go over board, especially when your body isn't used to much movement in cold weather.

Wash your hands

Very basic but a must, is to wash your hands very often and very thoroughly. The hands are where we collect most of the germs through out the day. Touching door handles, handrails and lots of other things. Wearing warm cloves while outside can be very helpful as well.

What do you do to avoid a cold? Let me know in the comments below. 

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