Weekly Prep - Essentials

Weekly Prep Essentials - www.namudee.com

Having a busy week sometimes means not getting everything done as you wanted to. Feeling guilty of that. But thats fine, just keep in mind what is important for you. I like to have some essentials ready to start my week on the right track. Scroll down to see what. 


Workout Gear

Having some comfortable and sexy workout clothes like this Nike running thights can boost your motivation to really make that workout happen. I make sure to have my favorite outfit ready before the new week starts.


Music Playlist

Next to my awesome Urbanears Hellas wireless headphones, having a blasting Spotify-Playlist will give me that extra boost during workout, yoga or just for relaxing and winding down. 




I always make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. My body lets me know when I don't stick to it, usually with headaches. So I always have a water bottle ready in the morning, I especially love this one from bkr. It's a glass bottle with a silicon cover, next to being good for the environment and looking pretty, it also doesn't give your water a weird plastic taste.



I've never been a fan of supplements, but since checking my blood by my doctor a few month ago, I'm trying to fuel my body especially with those nutrients it  has been lacking. Living in Switzerland, where winter has now really arrived, I make sure to take a Vitamin D supplement every morning, this helps to lighten my mood and is said to help with that so called winter blues. So hopefully it will get me through the winter or until I can travel to some tropical destination again.


Do you prep for the week and what are your essentials? Let me know in the comments below.

🍍 Love, Monica